All I Want for Christmas is Turkey or maybe Beef or perhaps Pork…..

We don’t know about you but we are traditionalists and will be having turkey on Christmas Day but untraditionally we will be serving that alongside some roast beef.  There will be a lot of mouths to feed and both are more than worthy of this celebratory feast!

Essentially a Sunday roast on steroids, the Christmas dinner is undoubtedly one of the greatest features of Christmas Day.  However, when it comes to what makes the ideal festive feast, only 52% of us would choose turkey as their main meat, according to YouGov research*, despite it being the typical centrepiece since the 16th or 17th century.

Certainly for us, going without turkey on Christmas Day is unthinkable but more and more people are choosing to opt out.  Even Hugh Fernley Whittingstall has said he prefers to tuck into a rib of beef on 25th December having concluded that turkey “isn’t up to the job”.

We can’t argue that beef is definitely special enough for Christmas and the ultimate roast dinner thanks to its ability to compliment all the trimmings and its juices taste exceptional when used to create a deep flavoured gravy.  If you do choose beef this year then in our opinion the best cut offering the most value and versatility as well as being ideal for roasting is rib on the bone. Of course there is also the very tender fillet!

But what about all the trimmings?  We always over do it but still every year we agree that it is necessary to have three different stuffings.  According to the same poll, the most popular ingredient on our plates is the mighty roast potato with 85% in favour of these being on the Christmas menu.  

We also love a brussel sprout, particularly when fried with butter and bacon, and in spite of the stereotypical disdain in which they are held, 62% agree that they deserve their place.  However, shockingly this makes them marginally more popular than pigs in blankets (61%)!  Even more shocking though is that 1% said they like to have baked beans with their Christmas dinner!!!  There are no words!!

We will be taking orders (without baked beans) for Christmas up to 14th December but if you get them into us early, by 7th December, you will have the chance to win your main Christmas joint, regardless of whether that is turkey, beef, lamb, pork………

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