The benefits of eating local, seasonal produce

Of course we are big advocates, but this is no new fad, eating seasonally and locally is engrained in traditional cultures. Before supermarkets entered the picture with all of their convenient, processed foods, it was the only way to live.

It is no coincidence that strawberries are tasteless and watery when eaten in winter, not to mention vastly expensive, because they have been grown on the other side of the world and ripened in transit. Fresh is definitely best if only for taste alone but it also tends to be what your body wants at that moment in time. In the winter, root vegetables thrive and we really need their starchy deliciousness in warming soups or stews because our bodies are using up much more energy in the cold.  Conversely, when the days grow longer and the summer’s heat is at its peak, we tend to crave more cooling foods like lettuces, cucumbers and courgettes.

Seasonal, local food is bursting with flavour as it is picked when ripe so there is less time for it to lose its great taste and health benefits.  In fact, foods eaten in season can boast up to three times the nutritional content.

Right now in the shop, as we transition into Spring, we are selling leeks, new potatoes, spinach, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots and cauliflower but eating in season doesn’t just apply to fruit and veg, the same goes for meat. Our beef steaks and sausages are perfect for the cold evenings and for something a bit different, we would thoroughly recommend the Ox cheek.

Being more aware of what’s in season will help you step out of your food rut and encourage you to try more of a variety. We’ve recently been enjoying steak with grilled root vegetables or you could try a sausage and spring mash pie for comfort food at it’s best right now.

Seasonal, local eating also helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint.  It either takes a tremendous amount of energy to recreate the natural growing season in an artificial way or uses a lot of fuel to transport the foods across the world to you.  We can tell you, if not show you, exactly where your food has come from and the chances are you’ve stood in your local pub next to the farmer that produced it.

As if we haven’t given you enough of an incentive already to pop in and check out what we’ve got in season from as local as our back garden then you also get to chat to Nick.  No supermarket could ever compete!

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