Spinach, Beetroot & Feta Salad

For some, salads are a waste of time at a bbq, it’s all about the meat and more meat.  Obviously, as a beef and lamb producer, we fully encourage that.  All we would say is that this salad does look very pretty even if looking at it is all you do.

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Lemony Lamb Meatballs

Gone are the days when our imagination for using mince stopped at spag bol, chilli or lasagne and fortunately mince on toast has not taken off.

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Lamb with Warm Potato & Olive Salad

Lamb has, on occasion, got a bit of bad press for being too expensive, too fatty or only suitable for special occasions but with a little imagination this tasty, versatile meat can be perfect for a mid-week meal.  This recipe uses lamb loin but it would be just as delicious and bursting with nutritional goodness if you tried using more economical cuts such as shoulder, neck or leftovers from the Sunday roast.

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Beef Wellington

Using a very luxurious, tender fillet of beef, nothing says “I love you” more than a Beef Wellington. It is the ultimate labour of love, a guaranteed crowd pleaser and perfect for when you want to pull out all the stops on that special occasion whatever the time of year. Serve with a generous helping … Read more

Roast Pork Belly

Thanks to the street food revolution, pulled pork is all the rage again but we’re just as happy to stick with tradition and serve this absolute classic with all the roast trimmings.  Don’t expect to be able to move too far from the sofa after you’ve polished it off but what else would you want … Read more

Lamb Koftas

Delicious for a mid-week meal that is easy on the wallet, simple to make and a great alternative to the classic beef mince dishes.  The novelty of eating off bamboo skewers also gets a big thumbs up from the children.

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Beef Steak Tacos

A firm family favourite not just because they are so tasty to eat but no-one gets told off for not using their knife & fork properly.  It is virtually impossible to eat these with grace and finesse, just get stuck in!

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