Our Beef

Our Prime Grass-Fed Beef

As with most farms, we have had to diversify over the years and in 2007 we made the difficult decision to retire from dairy farming and focus on our beef cattle, in particular the native breed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford.  Both are renowned for their docile, stress-free temperament which make them easier to handle but equally impacts the quality of their meat which is exceptional.

Our cattle are solely grass fed from the fields surrounding our farm during the warmer months and only grass silage in the winter.  Cattle grazing pastures here are all natural and it’s no secret that the nutritional value of beef is a direct reflection of what cows eat.  Animals raised on grass tend to be leaner and more nutrient rich so are better for you.  Grass fed beef is also better for the environment. Well managed grazing can help preserve the soil, reduce erosion, water pollution and maintain the protect the biodiversity and wildlife.

When it comes to flavour, the Angus beef is finely marbled as the fat is dispersed evenly and this creates a more tender, juicy meat, whatever cut you choose.  The Hereford also has plenty of marbled fat throughout making it extremely succulent and easy to cook.

We guarantee that our beef is produced to the highest standard, hung for 28 days to mature before being cut in the traditional way by hand and always fully traceable back to the animal.  We also guarantee that it tastes great!

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