Reasons to visit your local butcher

Whether you want to stock up on meat, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread and artisan cheese for the week or you just fancy adding something a bit special to the weekend menu there are many good reasons to visit your local butcher, not just Nick’s sparkling conversation!

  • Quality – Consider our prime grass-fed beef alongside the shrink wrapped, pre-portioned meat that you find in supermarkets which has a use-by date that suggests it has been sitting around for a while.  The difference in taste and value is considerable
  • Variety – Where else would you get a speciality “sausage of the week” from Welsh Dragon to Hot Spanish, Beef & Horseradish to Pork & Stilton?
  • Advice – Like most butchers we love preparing food, eating it and sharing recipe ideas. If you’re not sure what you want then that is fine as we also love giving our opinions 🙂 and would happily offer suggestions to help with your meal planning.
  • Local products – While meat is the mainstay, we also offer a plethora of local goodies, from popular chutneys, locally brewed beers and of course the Poulshot Pasty!
  • Tailoring – No more buying the amount of packaged meat that someone else has already determined you need.  You tell us how much you want and we will weigh it out specifically for you.

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