The Farm Shop or Supermarket – who is top of the crops?

We know what you’re thinking….meat from the farm shop is more expensive.  Ok, so we’re not going to start pulling the wool over your eyes and tell you that’s just a myth.  We’ve done a price comparison with Ocado, Waitrose, Sainsburys and Tesco and while we admit we are not the cheapest, our prices are certainly competitive.  In fact, if you fancy a Ribeye steak on Friday night, we would win on price as well as superior quality.  Throw in some streaky bacon for breakfast the next morning and there’s a good chance you would have saved yourself a few pennies off your online shop.

Horse meat anyone?

There are so many more benefits to buying your meat from us than just price alone.  As supermarket scandals have shown, traceability can be a very murky area and things are not always as they seem.  Tesco have ranges like Boswell Farms’ beef steaks and Woodside Farms’ sausages, even though the farms in question are completely fictional. Food provenance is so important as is the reassurance of knowing that your food has come from a reputable source with real attention to food values.

We only work with a carefully selected trusted network of local suppliers and have full traceability from the food in our shop back to the Angus and Hereford cattle on our farm or the fields in Bromham, the beehives in Poulshot and Parry’s kitchen in Worton.  We know how the animals are raised, vegetables are grown, chocolates made and no supermarket could compete with that!

The ‘Local’ X-factor

Farm shops offer a fertile ground for small local businesses who are really passionate about what they do and that enthusiasm comes through in the superior quality of their produce.  We are really proud to support local businesses who, in turn, support the local economy by employing local people.

What else, what else?

Environmental– We sell our own grass-fed beef from our back garden and meat from neighbouring farms.  Therefore, not only can we tell you the full story from field to fork but the food you buy from us has not been through a lengthy supply chain in the way that supermarket goods are processed which clock up a staggering number of food miles.

Animal welfare– our network of local farmers practice higher welfare standards. A lot of supermarket meat, in particular the budget processed options, tend to be factory farmed.

Economic– we may appear to be the more expensive option in some cases but you will benefit from being able to buy the exact amount you want even if it’s just two sausages and a single rasher of bacon – ultimately reduces costs AND waste. This is such a positive for families of odd numbers who may need one more or one less lamb chop than the four pre-packed.

Pop in and tell us how much you want to spend. We would be happy to introduce you to some more unusual, cheaper cuts of meat, which could inspire you to expand your meal repertoire without compromising on taste or price.

The bottom line

So we don’t win every price comparison but there is no denying that we are an extremely viable alternative to the supermarkets and with much better quality produce, not to mention friendlier staff!

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