Top Five Reasons To Eat Grass-Fed Beef

For a while beef was labelled as the bad boy of the nutritional world and blamed as a cause for a host of chronic diseases.  Environmentalists have also taken a dim view of it but we think that’s a load of old bull! Just make sure you choose high-quality, grass-fed beef (we wouldn’t sell anything less!)  

  1. Beef is a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins and minerals:

  • Zinc – supports growth and boosts immunity
  • Iron – promotes healthy red blood production, produces oxygen and prevents anemia
  • B vitamins  – B6 plays a multitude of functions from supporting your immunity to your metabolism and blood-sugar regulation.  B12, which is nearly exclusive to animal sources, is critical to your red blood cell functionality and central nervous system
  • Phosphorous – very important for healthy bones, teeth and kidney function
  • Niacin – a major player in digestion and nerve function, in fact, low levels of niacin have been associated with heart disease
  • Vitamin E – increases your body’s immunity and disease-fighting powers

     2.   Energy boosting protein – beef contains all of the essential amino acids required to build and    maintain muscle, heal and repair tissue and support important hormones.  It is also slow-burning fuel which helps to keep your energy levels up for longer

     3.   Disease fighting fats – beef’s fat content is a big part of what makes it controversial but grass fed beef is actually an excellent source of those good-for-your-heart Omega-3 fatty acids

     4.   Grass-fed is better for you and the planet – the nutritional value of beef is a direct reflection of what cows eat.  Animals raised on grass tend to be leaner and more nutrient rich. Well managed grazing can help preserve the soil, reduce erosion, water pollution and maintain the protect the biodiversity and wildlife

    5.  It is delicious, versatile, perfect for everyday family crowd pleasers or very special occasions – slow cook it, roast it, grill it, stir-fry it, there are so many great recipes using beef as the hero.  Keep an eye on our recipe page for some of our favourites.

I’m going to grab the bull by the horns here and declare beef to be brilliant, after all, Lady Gaga didn’t choose to wear a dress made out of tofu!


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