Lamb is for life and not just for Easter!

This is such a brilliant time of year for food and all the wonderful ingredients that Spring brings. For many people, lamb is the hero of the Easter feast.  It certainly was for us, although we had definitely not expected to be cooking it on the bbq in such tropical conditions.

Unlike the troublesome turkey at Christmas, lamb is so fabulously easy to cook, just pop it in the oven and let the delicious, mouth-watering juices do all the hard work. However, much like the turkey, lamb is often forgotten when it’s moment of glory is over, which is a real shame. It is actually at it’s best later in the year and new season lamb should be celebrated all through the summer. There is a logical reason as to why “Love Lamb Week” is usually celebrated in September.  This isn’t simply because there just happened to be a gap in the calendar!

Lamb need not be reserved solely for a special occasion either.  Economical cuts such as neck or shoulder are great for a mid-weak meal, as is lamb mince, which is quick and easy to cook.  Lamb also need not be reserved solely for mint sauce.  Those who read my last blog would know that I would have it with mango chutney anyway!

Lamb is extremely versatile and works well with a huge array of different flavours from cumin and coconut to soy and sesame.  It also doesn’t always take five hours to cook!  Try these lemony lamb meatballs for something a bit different.

Finally, in what has become a slightly passionate defence of lamb and in my self-proclaimed role as Poulshot Lodge Farm’s lambassador, I am here to tell you that lamb is healthy.  I know that many believe it to be too fatty but it is actually a very rich source of protein, bursting with nutrients such as zinc and essential B vitamins that make it excellent for our health and wellbeing.

So don’t be sheepish, go the whole hog(get) and enjoy lamb for longer!

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