The Cattle Escape to the Country to find themselves a new Ideal Home

The last month has been another busy period on the farm, we made a first cut of silage in ideal conditions and with the warm weather since and the rain that we have had, the grass has grown back really well, meaning that a second cut won’t be too far away. The cattle have been turned into the fields for the summer as well. This is always an enjoyable job, seeing them running around enjoying the freedom of the fields which will be there home now until the Autumn.

The cereal crops have also been enjoying the weather and have transformed quickly, The Oilseed Rape has finished flowering and has started to form pods, the winter barley is out in ear and the wheat has produced its final leaf before ear emergence. Plenty of sunlight and a regular watering is what these crops require now to reach their potential at harvest which could be as near as 7 weeks away.

The Spring crops have also grown rapidly, the beans will be shortly due to flower and the forage maize has also been planted and is just starting to emerge, this is being grown for a local neighbouring farmer to keep their dairy cows fed through the winter.

Jobs on the to do list over the next few weeks include planting the wild bird feed plots with a mixture of plants that produce seed during the autumn and winter months.  This will help to keep the birds fed when their other food sources run out. These plots are just one part of our larger environmental stewardship scheme, taking areas out of production to benefit the environment and wildlife. Also as we get into June we will start to think about haymaking and so some long warm sunny days will be just perfect!

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