The British love a BBQ!

As we celebrate National Barbecue Week and look forward to a scorching weekend ahead, we expect the air will soon be filled with the smell of sizzling meats.  Even if it’s not sunny, we’ll still enjoy a few al fresco beverages and get our pasty white legs out, determined to get into the spirit.  At this time of year Britain turns into a testosterone-fuelled, who’s got the biggest “tong” contest.  Men will turn into cavemen when there’s meat to be cooked over a fire.  They couldn’t care less if there are condiments, bread rolls or salad!


  • 2 in 3 households own a bbq
  • 80% of Brits will persevere in the rain instead of retreating to the kitchen
  • 90% of Brits say they prefer food cooked on a bbq by a man
  • 44% of us are putting in as much effort into entertaining people with a bbq as we would do a dinner party
  • 45% of us worry about giving our friends and family food poisoning
  • 69% of Brits admit to looking out for new and exciting cuts of meat to experiment with on the bbq
  • 24% admit to trying out new recipes
  • 51% use the same tongs for raw and cooked meat so they have every reason to be worried about giving their guests food poisoning!
  • 24% of people who are not the main cook in the kitchen claim to be the main cook at a bbq

No doubt many of us will be tasting overly charred sausages and ashen burgers that offer only a hint of the premium pork and apple or beef and caramelised onion which originally showed so much promise.  We will of course be incredibly British and overly polite about it and we will genuinely enjoy every minute of it.  However, there’s no doubting that Dave will make damn sure his bbq totally outshines Steve’s the next weekend!


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