You Have Goat to be Kidding Me!

A customer came in recently to ask if we could source some goat.  He was met with a slight look of disbelief, not because it was an outrageous request or because it was impossible to fulfil.  It’s just that goat has never been part of our culture and as a nation we tend to be rather scared of eating it.  Thoughts of little billy trip trapping over the bridge are enough to put some of us off. For others it may be regarded as too tough or just too goaty perhaps.  In actual fact, cooked slowly, it is full of flavour, melts in the mouth and if you didn’t know any better, could easily be passed off as lamb.

Since a certain Reggae Reggae man made his appearance on Dragon’s Den, the rise in popularity of Caribbean food has also seen an increase in goat consumption in this country with many restaurants now featuring it on their menus. However I still think we’re some way off it making a regular appearance at our kitchen tables for dinner.

Nevertheless, maybe we should consider it for it’s health benefits alone. It is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, bursting with B-vitamins and contains a healthy type of omega-6 called CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which does not sound healthy at all but we have it on good authority that this is linked to an improved immune system and blood sugar regulation.

While we don’t have any plans currently to diversify into goat farming, we might consider starting with one or two in the garden if for no other reason than they are like little lawn mowers, eating everything.  We’d never have to do the weeding again!

Do ask if there’s a particular meat you would like but can’t see on display in our fridges.  Chances are we have some in the back or can easily get hold of it for you.  For now though, we do have some goat in stock so you might consider experimenting with that shepherds pie recipe.  Let’s goat cooking!



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