In Britain we call mince cheese!

A few years ago there was national outcry when one US food site claimed that mince on toast is a “British Classic” prompting a disgruntled diner to reply “in Britain we call mince cheese” and another to suggest that the concept was “utterly disgusting”…..”!  To be fair, I too find the idea of it pretty revolting.

Love toast, especially with beans on top, some jam or just melted butter and I love mince in a chilli, spag bol, lasagne, cottage pie……etc. I’m also very happy to mop up the remains of any of those with some crusty garlic bread, but mince on toast……definitely not!

There’s no denying that mince is brilliant!  It’s the perfect ingredient to always have in your freezer, so versatile and suitable for any occasion be it mid-week meatballs, bbq burgers or a weekend wellington.  If you choose prime grass-fed beef like ours, it is naturally going to be full of flavour too so you can keep the rest of the ingredients very simple.  

However, mince can also stand up to bolder flavours and spices in a keema, tagine, moussaka or a kofta (which are soooo much tastier home made than what you get from the doner van but admittedly not something you might be capable of rustling up at 1am). 

Don’t be afraid of going for a mince with more than 5% fat content either, it will help bind the meat together if you’re making burgers, keep it tender when slow cooking, definitely add to the flavour and negate the need for any cooking oils.

It’s also perfect for batch cooking and stocking up the freezer with healthy ready meals which have come to our rescue on many occasion when there just isn’t the time to cook.  Mince is a staple weekly ingredient in our household, not least of all because the fussiest of eaters will wolf it down, even when I’ve sneaked some courgette into the dish.  

It’s fair to say that we have a love affair with it but I don’t think anyone loves mince more than the Germans.  They love minced pork specifically, so much that they serve it raw, spread on a bread roll, topped with onions and at breakfast time!  I would rather have mince on toast!!

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