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It’s British Sandwich Week and we are on a Roll

Quite possibly the greatest British culinary invention is being celebrated 20th-26th May and so it should be!  People come from all over the world just to experience an afternoon nibbling on dainty, crustless finger sandwiches filled with a thin layer of cucumber because that’s what they think us eccentric/civilised Brits do at 3pm every day. … Read more

Lamb is for life and not just for Easter!

This is such a brilliant time of year for food and all the wonderful ingredients that Spring brings. For many people, lamb is the hero of the Easter feast.  It certainly was for us, although we had definitely not expected to be cooking it on the bbq in such tropical conditions. Unlike the troublesome turkey at … Read more

It’s Springwatch on the Farm

Spring has really sprung on the farm over the last few weeks, It is always a great relief to see the days gradually getting longer and the change of the clocks enabling us to make use of the lighter evenings. The weather has been favourable for the arable side.  The spring beans were planted in … Read more

Lamb with Warm Potato & Olive Salad

Lamb has, on occasion, got a bit of bad press for being too expensive, too fatty or only suitable for special occasions but with a little imagination this tasty, versatile meat can be perfect for a mid-week meal.  This recipe uses lamb loin but it would be just as delicious and bursting with nutritional goodness if you tried using more economical cuts such as shoulder, neck or leftovers from the Sunday roast.

Read moreLamb with Warm Potato & Olive Salad

Who’s to say what constitutes a “real” roast?

Recently it was suggested that the slow-roast shoulder of lamb I had lovingly prepared for the family to enjoy one lazy Sunday afternoon was NOT a real roast.  I don’t know if it was the way I cooked it or the fact that I didn’t carve but shredded it in a messy, street food, Jamie … Read more

Top Five Reasons To Eat Grass-Fed Beef

For a while beef was labelled as the bad boy of the nutritional world and blamed as a cause for a host of chronic diseases.  Environmentalists have also taken a dim view of it but we think that’s a load of old bull! Just make sure you choose high-quality, grass-fed beef (we wouldn’t sell anything … Read more

Beef Wellington

Using a very luxurious, tender fillet of beef, nothing says “I love you” more than a Beef Wellington. It is the ultimate labour of love, a guaranteed crowd pleaser and perfect for when you want to pull out all the stops on that special occasion whatever the time of year. Serve with a generous helping … Read more

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