Reasons to visit your local butcher

Whether you want to stock up on meat, seasonal vegetables, fresh bread and artisan cheese for the week or you just fancy adding something a bit special to the weekend menu there are many good reasons to visit your local butcher, not just Nick’s sparkling conversation! Quality – Consider our prime grass-fed beef alongside the … Read more

In Britain we call mince cheese!

A few years ago there was national outcry when one US food site claimed that mince on toast is a “British Classic” prompting a disgruntled diner to reply “in Britain we call mince cheese” and another to suggest that the concept was “utterly disgusting”…..”!  To be fair, I too find the idea of it pretty … Read more

All I Want for Christmas is Turkey or maybe Beef or perhaps Pork…..

We don’t know about you but we are traditionalists and will be having turkey on Christmas Day but untraditionally we will be serving that alongside some roast beef.  There will be a lot of mouths to feed and both are more than worthy of this celebratory feast! Essentially a Sunday roast on steroids, the Christmas … Read more

Game, Set and Match

You’d be forgiven, after the last blog on goats, to thinking that this catchy heading might be a prerequisite to announcing that we are now stocking venison and pheasant. While this is not beyond the realms of possibility, on this occasion we are in actual fact bringing a bit of variety to the table and … Read more

You Have Goat to be Kidding Me!

A customer came in recently to ask if we could source some goat.  He was met with a slight look of disbelief, not because it was an outrageous request or because it was impossible to fulfil.  It’s just that goat has never been part of our culture and as a nation we tend to be … Read more

The British love a BBQ!

As we celebrate National Barbecue Week and look forward to a scorching weekend ahead, we expect the air will soon be filled with the smell of sizzling meats.  Even if it’s not sunny, we’ll still enjoy a few al fresco beverages and get our pasty white legs out, determined to get into the spirit.  At … Read more

Spinach, Beetroot & Feta Salad

For some, salads are a waste of time at a bbq, it’s all about the meat and more meat.  Obviously, as a beef and lamb producer, we fully encourage that.  All we would say is that this salad does look very pretty even if looking at it is all you do.

Read more

It’s British Sandwich Week and we are on a Roll

Quite possibly the greatest British culinary invention is being celebrated 20th-26th May and so it should be!  People come from all over the world just to experience an afternoon nibbling on dainty, crustless finger sandwiches filled with a thin layer of cucumber because that’s what they think us eccentric/civilised Brits do at 3pm every day. … Read more

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